The Mohican Barbershop

On the 9th & 10th of July 2010, I was holding a Mullet and Mohican Barbershop at Wattsfest Festival, in Devon. A group of us had organised a Post-Apocalypse Fete area with games, stalls and music. As a tribe from the future we tried to create fun activities from recycled materials. I was inspired by the idea that the sense of community is essential in times of desolation, as individual identity is defined by the group one belongs to. I was offering free tribal haircuts (tribal facepaint was also available) as a way to bring people together through look and style. I also though it was important that our customers could only get radical hair styles at my barbershop, so they were willingly giving up a little bit of themselves to join our group and show some bravery as a kind of rite of passage ritual. Here are the brave:

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    […] was part of the Apocalypse Fete area at the WattsFest 2010 festival, along side other games, mohican barber shop, cider bar, sound art and performances. The Apocalypse Fete idea was to create a fete with what we […]

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