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Anna Chocola® Customer Reviews

I’m very proud of my relationship with my wonderful customers, and I want to thank all of those who wrote to me for their encouragement, giving me such lovely feedback and for sending me photos.

Conchi Coquette Anna Chocola Pillbox hat brighton milliner 1940sElla in Anna Chocola Petit Jardin millinery bridal headpieceKarine Coquette Pillbox Hat Anna ChocolaSabine-Berlin-Tweed-day-Anna-Chocola-1920s-Cloche-hatGuerilla girl anna chocola coquette pillbox hatJane in her Anna Chocola Ines cloche hat Buckingham Palace 2

Anna Leopard Coquette Anna Chocola Brighton Milliner2

Lucy in her Coquette Pillbox Hat by Anna Chocola brightonSandy-in-1920s-Anna-Chocola-Flapper-ClocheRoseanne-Anna-Chocola-Coquette-pillbox-hatMary in Anna Chocola Inès Cloche HatSally-Seaside-Wedding-Anna-Chocola-Brighton-milliner-hats-pillbox

Julia wearing her Flower Coquette to Ascot Ladies Day - Anna Chocola® 2014

Natalie wearing her Glam Satin Turban - Anna Chocola® 2014


Emma (UK) wearing her "Inès" Cloche - Anna Chocola® 2014

Emma (UK) wearing her “Inès” Cloche – Anna Chocola® 2014

Anna Chocola® 1920s Cloche Hat

Anna Chocola® 1920s Cloche Hat

Rebekah (US) wearing her wool sailor cap - Anna Chocola® 2014

Rebekah (US) wearing her wool sailor cap – Anna Chocola® 2014




?My hat’s arrived!!! So beautiful! Thank you.  I’ll send you a pic when I’ve for my glad rags on.?

Katie 06/14


?Thank you Anna have received my Coquette today I love it! (?) it couldn?t be more perfect! The netting matches my dress to perfection; the flowers and colours look amazing I?m very happy thank you! ?

Carla 06/14  

?Hi Anna, Here are the pics. The hat really made my outfit it was fantastic, it really couldn’t have been better, thank you so much.?

Sally 06/14


?Thank you so much, Anna!  It’s perfect and so beautiful, can’t wait to wear it at my nephew’s wedding in Dundas Castle near Edinburgh in July – I will shout your name from the castle turrets to all who admire it!!! Ha ha! Take care and I am now saving for one of your cloche hats! xxx?

Annette 05/14


?Hi Anna! Oh Anna, thank you so much the headband is PERFECT. The colour is perfect and it is so pretty. I am very grateful and so impressed with your service you really have been wonderful. I can’t thank you enough. Pictures will follow!!! Thank you so very much. Very kindest regards.?
Norma 05/14  

?Dear Anna, Hat arrived yesterday.  It’s simply perfect, looks gorgeous and fits really well. I wear hats all year round and as I am about to lose my hair to chemotherapy (?) this one will be worn a lot in the coming months.  I could not thank you enough for the standard of your work and the quick service. ?

Anna 05/14


?Hi Anna! Great hats I love them thank you , you are very talented. I run 2 choirs so will start wearing them at rehearsals and you might get a few more orders!!!! Love.?

Jenny 05/14


?Anna, Thank you so much for my beautiful hat which arrived today.
I will send you a picture when I wear it! Best wishes.?
Lucy 05/14


?Hi Anna, Received the hat today! I absolutely love it! It’s so cute, especially the fabric lining the inside, and it’s a perfect shade of yellow that will go wonderfully with my dress! Thanks again!?

Elisabeth 05/14

?Hi, I just wanted to say I recently purchased the light blue pill box hat
with netting from your eBay shop (I have left feedback) and I wanted to just
say what a lovely little hat this is. Many thanks.?
Nancy 05/14


?Dear Anna, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my gorgeous new hat. I am so in love with it and cannot wait to show it off! I love love the material and the colour is just stunning. It’s perfect, every little detail! I have given two of my friends your details so hopefully they’ll be in touch with you. Thank you so much again and I look forward to placing my next order.?

Lynne 05/14


?Hi Anna! My cap arrived safely this afternoon. It’s perfect! Many thanks xxxxxx?

Natalie 05/14


?Absolutely gorgeous!!! I just want you to know that I think your work is impeccably, and pristinely divine! I hope this style catches on in the states because I love it so! I wish we all dressed that way. (?) Please keep up the good work! They’re all so beautiful and your beautiful young model only adds to their own impeccable beauty and style. Bravo!? Melissa 05/14


?Dear Anna, Your hat is divine, thank you. I have another wedding in September so as soon as I have a dress I will  be emailing you. Thank you again.?

Lee 05/14


?Hi Anna, Just to let you know my hat was a total triumph! I will send you some photos when I have some good ones but just wanted to let you know everyone thought it was amazing.?

Sally 05/14


?I absolutely love the hat and have been wearing it lots. It is so characterful and made to such a high standard. I have been singing your praises to others too. I would love one of your cloche hats one day! Best wishes.?

Suzy 04/14


?Hi Anna, I received my hat today:-) its absolutely beautiful! It matches perfectly with my wedding outfit, its superbly made thank you so much, I will look at getting another one done for the winter, (?), I will let you know.Thanks so much:-)?

Jen 04/14


?So many compliments about my hat J. Thank you for sending it so quickly. I love it!!?

Nicola 04/14


?Dear Anna, So sorry it took me a second to get back to you! It has been the craziest couple of weeks! The headpiece is GORGEOUS and is JUST what I imagined! Thank you SO SO MUCH! ?

Bre 04/14


?Sorry for the delay in contacting you but I just wanted to say how pretty my hat is and how much I love it! I will be proud to wear it on the day and who knows, I might win something in *best hat* this time as it is not *best hat and hair* so my hair won’t let me down!?

Julia 04/14


?Dear Anna, Bow turban hat received this morning. Thank you so much. Its lovely, can’t wait to wear it. Kind regards XX ?

Jeannette 03/14


?The black classic cloche arrived and is just perfect ! A great fit ? I must remember that size for the future! And definitely a hat I will wear lots ? Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience ? I am sure I will be visiting your website again ? so keep my details on your books ! Thanks again?

Sue 03/14


?Hi Anna , your hat is a hit ! This is a quick snap of the birthday girl
before going out with her pals . They all approved and it is reported
to be very warm as well. Thank you so much for the extra attention and
super quick service. Regards?
Michael 02/14


?Hi Anna, hats arrived and they are beautiful, thanks!?

Catherine 02/14


?Hello Anna – WOW!!!!! I adore the hat – it is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you soooooooooo much. Very happy Jeannette XXXX?

Jeannette 02/14

?Bonjour Anna, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the cloche you made for me that was a present from my sister in NYC. It’s really a wonderful present and I have been wearing it around Paris, where I live, and I get a lot of compliments on it. I also adoooore your little Brighton hats you make and I’d love to find some cute tartan plaid to have you make one, so I will be on the look out for some nice tissus…….. I would like to send you a picture of me sporting it! lovely……simply lovely and thank you so much. xxxxx? ODL 02/05


?Hi Anna just wanted to let you know my hats have arrived safe and well and I LOVE them they fit perfectly! I am wearing the sailor cap today and have had some lovely compliments about it already. Thank you so much x? Emma 02/14 ?Anna, Oh my goodness- I received the hats yesterday. I love them. They fit perfect. I wore the sailor one around the house last night and my children were laughing at me wearing it.  The cloche one, I wore it today to work! Thank you so much for working with me and designing 2 for a tiny head! I really appreciate your service.?

Rebekah 01/14  

?Anna, the hat arrived just now and it?s just lovely. Exactly the right colour! Thank you so much. I?m wearing it at a wedding in May and when everyone admires it I?ll tell them where to shop for their hats. Very best wishes? Pat 01/14   ?Bonjour Anna,Je viens de recevoir le chapeau et vous remercie ! Il est superbe ! Je suis vraiment contente !!! J?espère que nous aurons l’occasion de nous retrouver pour d’autres affaires 😉 Très belles fêtes de fin d’année à vous et bien à vous.?

Laurence 12/13  


?Hi Anna, love my hats. Thanks a million for them.?
Grainne 11/13


?Dear Anna, Here’s my feedback: never ever in my life (and I’m not young anymore….) so many people smiled at me with warm eyes, looked after me or even said hello like today! From teenagers to elderly people….I felt gorgeous!!!!!! Hip-hip for your hat! Thanks a lot and all the best for you and your work.
I think I can’t resist to have another one of your atelier. Warmest greetings.?

Ivana 11/13


?Hi Anna! The hat has arrived and its a perfect fit! Not only that, I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for altering it, can’t wait to wear it. Your service is fantastic and I will be recommending you to all my friends. ?

Julie 11/13


?Hi Anna. This hat is going to be my absolute new fave, I just know it. It’s beautifully made and the styling is just right (I mean, the shape, depth etc.) You are so talented! Thanks so much again.?

Alice 08/13


?Good Evening Anna and I hope you are well:-) It was just to let you know that I collected my hat from the post office earlier this afternoon and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!  So much so I’m already contemplating my next hat…. Kind regards and many thanks again for your excellent service.?

Lindesay 07/13


?Hey Anna, Just to let you know I have received my hat and I absolutely love it! It’s even more beautiful in the flesh than its picture! Thanks for all your help, you’ve done a fantastic job and it’s been a pleasure. I have no doubt that this will be the first of many! What great service too!?

Andrea 07/13


?Hi Anna! I received my hat today…LOVE it. You?re amazing. I?ll be the most stylish Chemo patient in Yorkshire! Will be showing the pics off on Facebook. (?) I?ll be in touch again as I am thinking of having another one made but darker ? for autumn. Thank you again.?

Joanne 07/13


?Hello Anna, My hat has arrived and is just beautiful. It fits well and is just what I have been looking for – and very well made. Thanks for getting it to me promptly.?

Annie 07/13


?Anna, It’s gorgeous thank you. (…) I’m spreading the word about you! Kind regards.?

Karen 07/13


?Anna, I LOVE the hat. What a stunner! The fabric and quality construction is just so impressive. You really do fine work, and for as lovely as your hats appear in the photos, to see and feel one in person still manages to exceed expectations. Thank you!!! You will definitely hear from me again. :)?

Colleen 06/13


?Hat arrived today! Thank you! Looks amazing and fits brilliantly! Cannot wait to wear it now! I will send you lots of pics! Thank you again!?

Emma 06/13


?Dear Anna, B E A U T I F U L !!! Love it, thank you sooo much. Will send you pictures when it?s with my outfit if that’s ok with you. Really really thrilled. Wonderful service and product, beautifully made and smells lovely! Thank you xxxx?

Esther 06/13


?Hello Anna, Yes it arrived and I absolutely love it!  You are a genius!?

Vicky 06/13


?The postman has just been and left parcel, which I have excitedly opened and found a beautiful hat, just as I had invisaged. Thank you Anna I love it. I’m off to a garden party tomorrow and Southwold (by the sea) for a few days on Monday, I shall be wearing my little hat even if the sun doesn’t shine. I’m delighted with it. I shall be in touch later in the year and pass on your details if anyone asks about hat.?

Rebekah 06/13


?Anna, Thankfully she loves it, and it fits perfectly. She even said she “loves it so much she can’t take it off”!!! (?) I really appreciate all your help, and thankyou for helping me make her happy. :)?

Dan 06/13


?Hello, Anna the hat is beautiful it arrived safely yesterday morning, I’m delighted, with it and looks great on. (?) Please be reassured I love my little hat and looking forward to wearing it for the wedding and will send you some pictures.?

Rebekah 05/13


” Dear Anna, (…) I had plenty of compliments on my hat,I felt very special wearing it, thanking for making me such a beautiful hat,I shall treasure it for ever. Hope you are keeping busy,I have attached a few pictures of the day! Take care Anna and keeping designing and making. With love and best wishes. xx”

Clare 05/13


“Dear Anna, I love it! Thank you sooo much! Sooo clever xxx”

Sally 05/13


“Hi Anna, I absolutely love my hat!  thank you so much, I am very, very happy.  Can’t wait to wear it now! Have a wonderful weekend, and once again, thank you for my beautiful hat!”

Josephine 05/13


?I would love to send you a pic if me wearing your purple hat! I had non-stop comments the entire time I wore it so thought you may want to start collecting customer testimonials if you don’t already…? Many thanks again. ? ?Hi Anna, as promised pls see attached. Absolutely loved wearing your beautiful hat and received so many compliments on it during my friends wedding. Best of luck for future business.?

Nicci 05/13


?I just wanted to tell you how much I love this hat! I am still wearing it since trying it on after the postman left, it’s so comfortable. I am sitting at my sewing machine making a muslin for a dress for my brother’s wedding, which I want to make “for real” in tartan silk dupion. It’s to go with the hat (not the other way around!) (?)
Thanks so much for such a beautifully made, stylish item that didn’t cost the earth.
All my best.?

Alice 05/13


?Hi Anna, I received my hat this evening. (?)Thank you, I love it. A perfect fit too. I think it will just take me a little while to do it justice by wearing it correctly! Can’t believe you made it so quickly but so glad you did that I will get the wear out if it now. You’re very gifted and would highly recommend your talents. Thank you again…I feel another purchase coming in the future! Regards.?

Allyson 04/13


?Dear Anna, Just to let you know that my order arrived yesterday. I am absolutely delighted with both items: I know that my friend will love her new birthday flamingo pouch, and I will do my best to wear the beautiful turban with as much style as it deserves! Really wonderful artistry from you – I’m now intent on gradually adding to my new collection – please keep up the inspiring work! And thank you for sorting the order/post issue so efficiently – very much appreciated. With my very best wishes to you.?

Nicki 04/13


?Dear Anna, I received the beautiful hats and gift in the mail today!!!! The olive green silk hat is perfect!!!! Love the colour and it matches so well !! (?) The small bow on it is so sweet!! I will really enjoy wearing them!! Thank you don much again!!
My daughter. Asked me if I am finished ordering more hats… I had to laugh at that…
All the best and thanks once again.?

Michelle 04/13


?Hi Dear, I am in love with your turbans. They are so elegant. (?) When ever you add a new turban to your account in ebay I get an alert.?

Monirah 04/13


?Hello Anna.I received the hat today!
It is very well made and lovely! Wider brim is good, it can be arranged in many way for my everyday feeling.
Material and colours are also good. I’m satisfied very much!
Anyway this will be my very good friend. I already left best feedback for you. Kind regards.?
Kotaro 03/13


?Dear Anna, I would like to sincerely thank you! They are wonderful!! They fit perfectly and they look great!! My husband loved them so much as well! I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Thank you for your great service and amazing quality. I will definitely return to buy some extra colours. Thank you!?

Hind 03/13


?Hi Anna, I received the hat today! It’s so lovely! Thank you so much!?

Michele 03/13


?Morning Anna, Just received my beautiful hat, it is just what I had in mind before I found your website, thank you so much. The fit is perfect, I usually find it difficult to get a hat to fit as I must have a large head. Can’t wait to show my colleagues at work. Big thanks again. Love.?

Clare 03/13


?Hi Anna, I received the hat this morning. It is beautiful! (?) Thank you so much, the quality is amazing. I will definitely be back for her Christmas present! Kindest regards.?

Natalie 02/13


?Hi Anna! Just wanted to let you know that the hat arrived safely and it?s lovely!  Thank you so much ? what an exciting parcel to unwrap ? so beautifully packaged.?

Amanda 01/13


?Dear Anna, (?) All your things are beautiful & made with love. I only hope that once you’re rich & famous you don’t forget your loyal customers who supported you right from the beginning 😉 Warm regards.?

Silke 01/13


?I want to thank you so much for the beautiful hat!!!!! I love the hat Thank you once again, I think that you are so talented!! Great appreciation.?

Michelle 01/13


?Dear Anna, I?ve been wearing my hat ALL day, I am in love with it.  It is my birthday soon, so hopefully more orders then.  I know which one I?d like next.  Again, many thanks, my mum says I look like my Granny in the hat – there is a photo of her wearing one remarkably similar, she was always beautifully dressed so I am taking it as a big compliment.? ?Dearest Anna, Downton Abbey eat your heart out!  It is lovely!!!  It fits perfectly.!  Just wonderful and I love the bow.  Thank you.  Now I need to decide on what next?!”

Julie 01/13


 ?Dear Anna, I am very, very happy with the hat (and my mother too). Happy new year from Rome!?

Donatella 01/13


?Hi Anna. Got my hat! Thank you, its great! Am very pleased :)? 

Aine 12/12


?Thank you Anna, I did receive your hat, and its so gorgeous. I love it. I live in Sydney and I have not seen anyone around wearing one like it. You can be sure I will be rocking it out and about over the Sydney Summer. I am a very happy customer. I will have to buy another one later on for Winter.” 

Gillian 12/12


?Beaucoup de succès les chapeaux à Bruxelles…tout le monde me demande ton adresse. Belle continuation et merci pour ce bonheur de se sentir belle et féminine! Bien cordialement.?

Nel 11/12


?Anna,It arrived today and is perfect, thanks so much!?

Jennifer 11/12


?Hi Anna, just a quikie to let you know I’ve received the hat – its lovely, thank you! I’ll send some pics of the hat on its big day. Many thanks for your prompt professional service. All the best.?

Nadia 10/12


?Hello Anna! I received the hat yesterday. Thank you very much, it’s really wonderful! I like it very much! 🙂 Best regards.?

Claudia 10/12


?Aaah Anna! It came today & I LOVE it!! I’m so pleased, it’s just beautiful!! After the wedding I’ll comment on your FB page but I don’t want it to go in my friends newsfeeds just yet. Sending a big excited hug! Thanks so much!!?

Rebecca 10/12


?Anna, The hat looks absolutely fantastic! I cannot tell you enough how much I love it 😀 I think it is going to compliment the costume perfectly and I can’t wait to see what it looks like under the lights! It’s both glamorous, glitzy yet subtle too- which is just what I wanted! You’ve really done an amazing job and I can see how much time you must have spent on it! ?

Jessica Stark 10/12


?I received the black hat and it was wonderful, and very happy with it! Have worn it for a few days and received many compliments! Many thanks for your help and many more thanks for making a perfect hat for me! Kind regards.?

Boel 10/12


?Hi just wanted to say a big thank you for the hat which I received today, it?s beautiful just the thing for my 1920’s party outfit-although think I will be wearing lot’s after that! I love hand made hats and this one is fantastic! Many thanks again!?

Jane 09/12


?Hi Anna, I went and collected my hat from the post office this morning. It is perfect.  I absolutely love it!  Thank you so much for all the work you have done and for making it so quickly.  I am already thinking about which one I would like next and maybe for Christmas pressies too. Thanks again.?

Katherine 09/12


?Hi Anna, I got your hat and was absolutely delighted with it. Looked amazing on the day and got loads of compliments about it. Thank you for quick postage etc. I’ll defo recommend your site to friends.x?

Mary 09/12


?As a cancer patient I lost my hair in the first two weeks of chemo. I had a wig but did not find it comfortable so resorted to soft caps and beanies found on uninspiring chemo hat websites.  I googled in 30’s hats and found your website and have been delighted with my purchases. They have made me feel feminine again and I?m sure I will be wearing them when my hair returns. I am sure I will be tempted to buy some more (at least I am not paying to have my hair done! Thanks.?

Joan 08/12


?Hi Anna, I love my hat , my sister is getting married in november and I’ll b looking for another one , I’ve gotten so many compliments thank you :)? 

Tracey 06/12


?Anna, P’s mum called this evening, she is over the moon and was crying, she loves your turbans and had been wearing the polka dot one all day. She said they were the best ones she has ever seen and is looking forward to wearing one tomorrow at her next chemo session. You made a cancer patient positive about chemo, that is an amazing achievement. Thank you so much.?

Leanne 05/13


?Hi Anna! The hat arrived today and I love it! Thank you: it is a fabulous hat and a million times better than anything I saw in the shops.  I will definitely recommend you to friends in search of hats…?

Claire 05/12


?Thank you for your kindness. I received the parcel and thank you for your speed. The hat is magnificent and I am enchanted with my purchase. Very cordially.?

Alexia 05/12


?Hi Anna! Hat arrived, and I love it! It’s perfect! will def be buying from you again. Thanks.?

Kelly 04/12


?Anna, I got it! It’s sooo beautiful!  Thank you! I have already left positive feedback for you on eBay. I hope you sell tons, because you deserve it! Great work!?

Carla 03/2012


?Hi Anna,  many apologies for not getting back to you!  I received the bag safe and sound, and have been proudly using it ever since – dare I even say it’s better than the original?  Thank you ever so much for the generosity with your time – both communication and labour – and for creating another bag for me. Will be keeping a close eye on all of your sites, and will probably be purchasing again soon :)?

Fiona 03/2012


?Dear Anna, Yes, your work is highly appreciated! My husband likes your hats as well & this Monday when I wore the hat with big dotted bow a lot of women were looking at me ? and I guess it was not because I looked that awful 😉 . I can?t wait for spring to wear the other hats!?

Silke 03/2012


?Thank you Anna!  Wore my new hat on the school run this morning and got lots of compliments!  Can’t wait to get the new one…?

Kirsty 03/2012


?Hi Anna, The hat arrived this week – thank you! It looks lovely, and the details are beautiful. The style is gorgeous and is just what I was looking for. Do you do lighter weight versions too – i.e say in cotton or a canvas as a summer version? If so, I may have to commission you to make me another one!!?

Naomi 02/2012


?Just a note to say I’m such a fan of your beautiful designs, I bought this same design in a different fabric (a kind of checked print), and adored it! I was absolutely devastated when I lost it this week (at a fashion show, of all places) and it had become such an integral part of my autumn wardrobe I’ve had to replace it (finances permitting or not). Cant wait for my new hat, and just wanted to let you know how impressed everyone who’s seen your work has been. peace+love x?

Ruby 11/2011


?Hello Anna, Sorry I’m just getting back to you now, I’ve just sat down on the couch after a very busy day!  Was surprised with a lovely spa day and had to take the baby to grannny’s..etc. Anyway – my pillbox hat.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I adore it :).   Honestly, it’s as if you went into my brain and plucked the perfect image from my head!  Thank you so much.   I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day.   And thanks for making it so quickly.  Myself and my bridesmaid are the only ones who know I’m wearing it, so I can’t wait to see my mum’s face when I walk down the aisle.  It just gives my dress the perfect fifties look… 
Once again thank you and I hope to buy from you again soon. Kind Regards?

Marie 10/2011


?Thank you so much Anna. My turban like this one was stolen from me at the hospital if you can believe it. I was so disappointed I cried…also because I think that was such a shitty thing for someone to steal from a cancer patient. Your kindness makes it all better. Thanks so much. I do believe there are more good people than bad people in the world.Take care,Bethany.
P.S. can’t wait to see the new hat I ordered too. I liked the other one so much and it looks suppppper cute!?

Bethany  09/2011


?Dear Anna! The hat arrived just today, I couldn´t wait so I run to the post office as soon as I could 🙂 And the hat is………………fabulous! Exactly as I desired! Perfect perfect perfect! I am  very very happy. You did such a great job and really helped me with my wedding outfit! It fits perfectly, everything is just awsome, even the comb inside! I will have just simple hair do (pony tail), so I will try it with the long big veil or just the french veiling in the front. or maybe nothing…? I will see what will look the best with my costume (will wear trousers 🙂  ).And also the card is so beatiful 🙂 So I want to thank you a lot, Anna! I wish the best to your business, keep doing so well! Best regards?

Tereza 09/2011


?Just received it last evening. Thank you so much, I’m in love with it. I have just developed alopecia and am happy to find a funkier alternative to the usual head scarfs out there. You should definitely look at advertising on alopecia related sites as I’m sure it would generate some good business. Thanks again 🙂 “

Famey 09/2011


?Hi Anna, I received the hat yesterday and I love it! Thank you so much! I will leave brilliant feedback! Many thanks.?

Emma 09/2011


?Hi, Anna! I received my cloche today and love it (why, even my husband said he liked it!). I am a designer myself (create lovelies with antique European lace and textiles) and am rather particular about sewn objects…and you do beautiful work! Thanks so much for taking the time to work with me in getting the perfect-fitting hat. I’ll be reordering later.? 

Amelia 06/2011


?Anna,I have received the hat and it’s absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for making me something bespoke – I know that no-one else at the wedding will have the same hat! I will spread the word about how lovely your creations are and how helpful you are to everybody I know. If there is anything I can do to help you,just let me know.Best wishes and thank you again.? 

Emma 05/2011

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