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My Antique Lace Collar/Snood

I made myseld this collar/snood using antique bits of lace and embroidered fabric collected over time. I’ve also used Liberty fabric for details like the strap and loops.

Such an item can only be made-to-order. Price on request.



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A few more Reversible Hood-Scarfs!

I’ve had to make a few more Anna Chocola Hoody-Scarves as the first batch had sold out so quickly!

Available from my eBay shop or made to order!

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Anna Chocola Embroidered Cropped Tops – Collection for Boutique in Paris

French fashion designer Amano Louis has offered me the opportunity to showcase a mini collection of Anna Chocola items in her boutique in Paris!

Running of the place is a collaboration between Amano and other clothes & accessories designers. So if you are in Paris, you should definitely pop in to see them and treat yourself to something unique.

The address is : 14 rue des Ecouffes, 75 004 Paris, France.

I’ve made some embroidered cropped tops. Each one is a one-off with a colourful appliqué-embroidery.

Great for layering this Fall season, this is a totally limited & exclusive collection for Amano’s boutique! Enjoy.

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My New Anna Chocola Reversible Hood-Scarf

Using some exquisite new imported fabrics from the States, I’ve improved my reversible hood pattern and added a bevelled edged scarf to it.

It’s a super comfortable hood (up or down ) with a scarf-like extension that you can wear and tie in loads of different styles. This super stylish accessory is “la creme de la creme” of a snood!

Available from my eBay shop or made to order (please get in touch)


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