“Fairview from the garden”

“Fairview from the garden” Anna Chocola 2012 – Acrylic on canvas

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Iceland in my Heart

This is my first painting of the year. It’s called “Iceland in my Heart” and it’s acrylic on a 130 cm x 100cm canvas.

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Album Covers and a Strange Fun Fair

Last year I was lucky enough to be asked to paint my friend Harry Neve‘s  “Wasted Days” EP cover (Harry was sending songs as he was recording them). Earlier this year I was also commissioned to paint Poppy Perezz‘s album cover picturing their mexican influences and electro-latin powerpop!!

Both projects have been two wonderful journeys.


Here is a painting of a weird & wonderful fun fair village. It was inspired by the lovely festivals I’ve been to this summer.


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Winter Collages

Two Birds – Anna Chocola 2010

Two Birds by Anna Chocola 2010

Bulgarian Wish – Anna Chocola 2010

Bulgarian Wish

Bulgarian Wish 2 – Anna Chocola 2010

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More shapes, colours & feelings

Life Long Ride by Anna Chocola 102x80cm

Precious Times by Anna Chocola 76x60cm

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