Fruity Freehand Graffiti Boutique Decoration

Richard Tatum  owner of fashion boutique Fruity, in Brighton – UK, has commissioned me to decorate the shop.

My one and only tool was a black marker pen to create this freehand drawing.

I was inspired by Biba aesthetics, Art Deco and Modern Totems.

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Black & White Beasts

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Installations – Broderies

One Day – 2009/10

I survived this dream – 2009/10

These textile installations are in continuity with my painting and previous textile sculptures. I’m inspired by creating a strange and poetic world of cross breed animal-plants and anthropomorphic nature using textiles, painting, drawing, photography and collage.

I’m mainly interested in showing that however hard one tries to control one’s emotions, there will always be a wild creature inside us. An untameable spirit from the dark ages of humanity lives within the madness of our dreams and nightmares.

Such a shaman or a healer, I worked on my installation with the belief that it would speak to this spirit. Animal/human/plant gods appear to hold the secrets of our demons. Paths and dead ends run through the textile landscapes. Nonsensical scenes are intermingled with symbols of love & death.

I make objects that look like they have magical powers and are part of cult rituals.

Therefore they have a purpose beyond representation…

One Day will be exhibited at the Norman Rae Gallery, York (UK), for 2 weeks, from the 15th Feb 2010.

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Winter Collages

Two Birds – Anna Chocola 2010

Two Birds by Anna Chocola 2010

Bulgarian Wish – Anna Chocola 2010

Bulgarian Wish

Bulgarian Wish 2 – Anna Chocola 2010

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Animals Crossing

Dancing Cat

Dancing Cat

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