Album Artwork for “We Are Yours” by Poppy Perezz

Poppy Perezz’s debut album “We Are Yours” for which I designed the artwork is out July 16th!

The four piece, hailing from Mexico, Trinidad and England but now resident in the suitably cosmopolitan city of Bristol, make feel-good, sunshine-happy music for cool and groovy summer nights. Described variously as pinball electro, chirp-hop or even electro-funk-folk pop, one thing’s for certain: you’re unlikely to have heard anything quite like it before. Imagine an exotic trip through Highlife-style guitar licks, Mariachi-band trumpets, percolating basslines, disco handclaps, soaring flute solos, crazy arpeggio synth lines and video game bleeps and bloops – and you’ll get the general idea. Check them out ASAP!


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My new advert!

This is my new advert!!! I’ve drawn my own hats on these lovely 1920s models. The flyer is also a proper postcard, which makes it really easy to share. I like the idea that it’s a pretty object in itself, not just another flyer.

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Fruity Freehand Graffiti Boutique Decoration

Richard Tatum  owner of fashion boutique Fruity, in Brighton – UK, has commissioned me to decorate the shop.

My one and only tool was a black marker pen to create this freehand drawing.

I was inspired by Biba aesthetics, Art Deco and Modern Totems.

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Winter Collages

Two Birds – Anna Chocola 2010

Two Birds by Anna Chocola 2010

Bulgarian Wish – Anna Chocola 2010

Bulgarian Wish

Bulgarian Wish 2 – Anna Chocola 2010

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Anna Chocola Interior Design

Here’s my new work of art, my dressing table. I bought a very cheap and shabby dressing table from the charity shop and transformed it.

Inspired by : Russian Dolls, Victorian greeting cards scrapbooking, French countryside furniture, Chinese prints, English roses and Fairy Tales.

With a good lick of paint, unusual knobs and a personalized Anna Chocola collage top, I’ve turned it into this.

Anna Chocola Dressing Table 2009

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