A few more Reversible Hood-Scarfs!

I’ve had to make a few more Anna Chocola Hoody-Scarves as the first batch had sold out so quickly!

Available from my eBay shop or made to order!

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My New Anna Chocola Reversible Hood-Scarf

Using some exquisite new imported fabrics from the States, I’ve improved my reversible hood pattern and added a bevelled edged scarf to it.

It’s a super comfortable hood (up or down ) with a scarf-like extension that you can wear and tie in loads of different styles. This super stylish accessory is “la creme de la creme” of a snood!

Available from my eBay shop or made to order (please get in touch)


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Cool Riding Reversible Hoodies

I’ve just been making a whole NEW collection of super lovely and versatile reversible hoodies.

Each one is unique, made from a funky mix of recycled and new materials. You can wear it with any dress, top or coat. It keeps you warm and more importantly it adds that extra coolness to your style!

You won’t find this exclusive Anna Chocola accessory anywhere else than from my official stockists

* Fruity -Brighton UK

* Leynibúðin Collective Of Young Designers -Reykjavik IS

and from my Ebay shop.

If you have a shop and you are interested in stocking Anna Chocola items please get in touch: contact me.

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